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Our Journey...


   Om Organic Media is built on a foundation of over 25 years of working with both the events, studios, and conscious media and management. CEO leaders in the Jazz music industry initiated our roots in passion for actualizing a team devoted to create special events initially for Long Beach Jazz Festival and Carnaval World Arts Events creating large sponsors & partnerships for Youth 501(c)3 Teen Talents from Long Beach & Compton. Our co-created community events evolved into our ideas to create media behind our performance talents, public officials and Youth with Art and Cultural Foods Vendors from around the globe, within our multiple day celebrations.

   Om Organic Media supports the mantra of "many in body but one in mind" in any project, from assistance to Union TV Directors, Stage Media Assistance, Production Team Management or a Co-Creative Project Development. Educated in Radio/TV and Photography, we grew into Conscious Media & Management. Elevations include media solutions & growths behind business, non-profit, and community partnerships.

   Om Organic Media has interviewed unique leaders receiving the Champion of Change Award from a former President to youth, and BAFTRA Awarded Producers. Every challenge leads to collective communication consciousness when a spiritual foundation is the focus of any media vision, goal or learning of potential new media.

Our voice over and music tracking teams bring warmth and creative passion to your projects. We first started on Union TV Studio Hollywood Voices Troupe & assisting PBS, ABC, HBO Directors in studio & creating PSA/Radio Spots. In loyalties to our mentors, we will provide more details in our new website to celebrate our mentors.

   Om Organic Media has supported photography, videography, photojournalism, or assistance in social media creative content development and collaborations with NY colleague, who is a retired TV Producer. We developed storytelling documentary  or promos first inspired by our own family member, Producer, Joan Meyerson. Our foundation of spiritual meditation, wellness, environmental consciousness are our core values elevating consciousness in our media and management. We started before the digital era of social media influencers yet "it ain't over till it's over," and it just takes faith to walk together in creative consciousness as our reels are without the many early years or proprietary. Ammachi Foundation Documentary Fundraiser for producer and other early year works are proprietary, yet as we grow into over 30 years in the pathways of very special team media, we've still only just begun...AS1


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